Saturday and Sunday August 28/29 

We can’t wait for summer and the music and community spirit that comes with Congleton Jazz and Blues!

We want to keep to our key missions as a Town Centre event and generating great local community spirit, to this effect we are working with venues and artistes now to build a programme. We hope we can hold our usual venue-based festival, assuming progress continues through lifting of the CV19 lockdown.

We will continue to review HMGOV guidelines and any special requirements on live music events, we may need to be flexible in the approach we use. Whatever we do needs to be safe, within guidelines and welcoming to everyone as we come out of what has been difficult year for us all.


We will keep you updated with our plans here and on our Facebook page

Virtual Congleton Unplugged 2021

You can watch the shows again here......... 

We are very grateful to have had three great artistes for you to watch in our virtual festival, we will keep the links available to these shows for a while longer so you can watch again with Heidi Browne, Robbie Cavanagh and all Sunjay.  

We will also keep the links up for the shows recorded last summer's CJAB and the documentary film made by Callum Hilditch-Crimes, see below;   

Congleton Jazz and Blues 2020 Videos

CJAB 2020 Virtual festival, the links to the Virtual Festival and the documentary charting the early days to current of the festival are here for you to look peruse at your leisure. The documentary is 51 minutes long or you can view it in bite size chunks;

CJAB 2020 Virtual festival (1 Hour 16 mins); 

The Alex Clarke Quartet

Robin Pierce solo

Jim Kirkpatrick and Heavyweather

CJAB Documentary;

Full documentary (51 mins) 

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