Saturday and Sunday August 28/29 

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Here you go, 16 venues and more than 50 gigs...fill yer boots!, oh and its all FREE entry.

Please remember to respect your fellow festival folk!.



If you are experiencing symptoms of CV19, please do not attend the festival, please take care of yourself and others, and follow HMGOV guidelines.

The Schedule has the upto gig list

The 2021 CJAB programme

Update 26.8.21 updates in italics


TIME     VENUE                          ARTIST

2pm      Young Pretender        Mat Walklate and Tom Attah

2pm      Physic Garden             Madhatters

2pm      White Lion                    Jim Kirkpatrick Band

3pm      Beartown Cock           The Mighty Revelators

3pm      Physic Garden             Beartown Ukes

4pm      Crazy Moose                Gus Glynn Band

4pm      Cricket Club                 Beartown Stompers

4pm      Wild & Wild                  Purpletones

4pm      DV8                               Heidi Browne Band

4pm      Beartown Tap              The Bearcats

5pm      Cheshire Brewhouse  Jim Kirkpatrick

5pm      Gather                           Maisie Johnson   

5pm      Quigleys                        Amanda Brown & Dave Farnworth

5pm      Physic Garden              Sinnini

5pm      Rumba                           The Gospel Truth

6pm      Barley Hops                  Silverback

6pm      Physic Garden              John Dhali

6pm      Clockhouse Bar           Burgundy Wednesday's

7pm      Farmers Arms              Keith Walmsley-Smith

7pm      Young Pretender         The Weave

8pm      Beartown Cock            Just Looking

8pm      Cricket Club                 Dana Ali Band

8pm      DV8                               Purpletones

8pm      Cheshire Brewhouse  Robin Bibi Band

8pm      Wild & Wild                  Heidi Browne

9pm      Quigleys                        Maisie Johnson

9pm      White Lion                    The Sharpeez

9pm      Beartown Tap              The Marauders

10pm    Young Pretender         The Mudez Project    


TIME     VENUE                          ARTIST

1pm      Wild & Wild                 Sunjay

2pm      White Lion                   Black and Blues Band

2pm      Quigleys                       Andy Stones

3pm      Young Pretender        Lucy Lockwood

3pm      Beartown Tap             The Unscene Herd

3pm      Cricket Club                Robin Bibi Band

4pm      Gather                         Dougie Francis

4pm      Crazy Moose               Tracey Taylor

4pm      Quigleys                       Dana Ali Band 

4pm      Barley Hops                Marshall Beard

5pm      Beartown Cock           Blues Train

5pm      Cheshire Brewhouse Last Call   

5pm      Wild & Wild                  Amanda Brown & Dave Farnworth

6pm      Farmers Arms             Trilogy

6pm      Rumba                         Robin Pierce Band

6pm      DV8                               The Weave

7pm      Clockhouse Bar          Barrelhouse Jukes

7pm      White Lion                   The Shakes

7pm      Young Pretender        Freddie Garner Quartet

8pm      Beartown Tap              Malpractice

8pm      Cheshire Brewhouse The Regulators

8pm      Cricket Club                 Vavoom

9pm      Quigleys                       The Mighty Revelators

9pm      Beartown Cock           Automatic Annie

10pm    White Lion                   Goodfellas

10pm    Young Pretender        Cry Baby and The Hoochie Coochie Boys

Virtual Congleton Unplugged 2021

You can watch the shows again here......... 

We are very grateful to have had three great artistes for you to watch in our virtual festival, we will keep the links available to these shows for a while longer so you can watch again with Heidi Browne, Robbie Cavanagh and all Sunjay.  

We will also keep the links up for the shows recorded last summer's CJAB and the documentary film made by Callum Hilditch-Crimes, see below;   

Congleton Jazz and Blues 2020 Videos

CJAB 2020 Virtual festival, the links to the Virtual Festival and the documentary charting the early days to current of the festival are here for you to look peruse at your leisure. The documentary is 51 minutes long or you can view it in bite size chunks;

CJAB 2020 Virtual festival (1 Hour 16 mins); 

The Alex Clarke Quartet

Robin Pierce solo

Jim Kirkpatrick and Heavyweather

CJAB Documentary;

Full documentary (51 mins) 

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