Congleton Jazz and Blues 2020 news!!


CJAB 2020 Virtual festival, the links to the Virtual Festival and the documentary charting the early days to current of the festival are here for you to look peruse at your leisure. The documentary is 51 minutes long or you can view it in bite size chunks;

CJAB 2020 Virtual festival (1 Hour 16 mins); 

The Alex Clarke Quartet

Robin Pierce solo

Jim Kirkpatrick and Heavyweather

CJAB Documentary;

Full documentary (51 mins)

Part 1 - The Early Days (15 mins)

Part 2 - Design Work (7 mins)

Part 3 - The Umbrella March (5 mins)

Part 4 - Unplugged (5 mins)

Part 5 - Congleton Town (10 mins)

Part 6 - Inspiration (2 mins)

Part 7 - The End? (9 mins)

Congleton Jazz and Blues

Electric Picture House

@Spindle Mill

Congleton, Cheshire

CW12 1QN

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