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History of Congleton Jazz and Blues and Unplugged

Congleton Jazz and Blues Documentary

From its inception to the modern day, this documentary takes a deep dive look at the people involved, and what it takes to run this incredible event each year.
This film was shot in 2017 and 2019

The Story So Far  ..... (as at 2022) 

These are some of the projects we worked on during the Covid lockdowns.


We are very grateful to have had three great artistes for you to watch in our 2021 virtual festival, there are links below for the shows by Heidi Browne, Robbie Cavanagh and Sunjay.  


CJAB 2020 Virtual festival (1 Hour 16 mins); 


The Alex Clarke Quartet

Robin Pierce solo

Jim Kirkpatrick and Heavyweather


We would like to thank all our sponsors, without whom the festivals would not be possible !

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